“I want what I see with my eyes to directly transcend to what people see in my photographs.”

Riya Sharma currently lives and works in Kalol, (N.G) Gujarat, India. She holds a professional press card from the New York Institute of Photography and is an official photographer for their Photo World Magazine.She is a Photography Business Advisor/ photography marketing consultant and She provides the world’s most popular and inspirational photography training.

Strong graphic imagery, vibrant colors, and simple yet calculated compositions define the photographic works of Riya Sharma, a Award Winning professional travel and street photographer. With the ability to portray a wide range of subject matter, from expressionistic portraits to capturing spontaneous moments,Riya’s photographs reflect the effects of poverty and social inequality in India. What makes her photos so unique is her inane ability to forge a connection between her subjects and her viewers. Riya’s main artistic goal is “working toward taking the perfect picture – that combination of technique, style, and impact that still draws people to look at an image years or decades later.”Through Riya’s photographs, the viewer sees the truth in humanity. The photographer believes that her photos show the facts of reality that many people do not see every day because they are so busy running around all the time. “I personally believe a perfect photo consists of the best example of cultural and social moments,” says Riya Sharma.

The images created by professional freelance travel and street photographer Riya Sharma feature strong graphic imagery accentuated by vibrant colors and a profound expressionistic bent. Riya Sharma photograph to make herself happy. It’s as simple as that. She enjoy the act of trying to capture a shot that she like. Her goal is working towards taking the ‘perfect’ picture – that combination of technique, style and impact that still draws people to look at an image years or decades later. The fact she’ll never achieve this is what motivates her to keep shooting. “There will always be more to shoot and better ways to shoot it” says Riya. Her Family Encouraged her Artistic Exploration,and gave her the freedom to doodle and daydream.

 ‘Memories on the wall’ is how I like to describe it. – RIYA SHARMA

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, Riya Sharma has had her photographs featured in more than 50 Newspaper, Magazine, websites and was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts at the 2016 Asian Awards in London. She is also an official photographer for PhotoWorld Magazine. Riya is Ranked in TOP 25 Photographers as Popular Photographer of 2015 in ViewBug. Riya Sharma is also selected as VIP MEMBER of LUCIE FOUNDATION & IPA, PSA & APA. RIYA SHARMA AS A FIRST INDIAN REPRESENTED COUNTRY INDIA IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WITH HER PHOTOGRAPHY.

Riya Sharma is being honoured by more than 100 awards for her photography and her art!

RIYA SHARMA SAYS: I want the viewer to see what I see in the works. The key points I wish to show the viewer are my vision and my exploration of India through images. I want to take photos that are moving, compelling, and powerful. I write captions underneath some photos, which may reflect on a memory, a message or a random thought that I had regarding the image. I get a lot of messages from people who follow me saying that I have somehow inspired them or made their day. I aim to connect on a deeper level than social media, and my loving followers have helped me accomplish my goals.

I like to photograph things that “wow” me, whether it be a sublime landscape or somebody interesting and inspiring that I’ve spoken to. I think my style is quite traditional in the sense that I don’t heavily edit my images in post-production. I prefer to try and take striking, high-quality imagery there and then so that it doesn’t require much work in Photoshop afterwards.

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“According to me once the boat leaves the shore,
what difference does the near or farther makes.”

I hope that you get as much enjoyment from my work as that went into making it.